Alternative Directions
"Working to improve the life chances of children, young people and their families"
Care Professionals
Young People
"I am a senior practitioner in a looked after/leaving care team with over 25 years' experience in this area of work. I am the social worker for a young person in residential care who Dave has worked with since November 2013.
Dave has undertaken weekly counselling sessions with this young person in regard to emotional and behavioural issues which led to his reception into care.
Dave developed an excellent rapport with my client which enabled him to work effectively in relation to sensitive areas such as grief and loss, sexualised behaviour and family dynamics. He included the parent of the young person in his intervention, seeking to ensure that she was involved in the process. It was evident that the young person trusted Dave and was able therefore to articulate feelings and emotions which he had not had the opportunity to do in the past.
I believe that Dave's role was crucial to the development of this young person's confidence and ability to move forward emotionally. His intervention has helped enormously in assisting him to make sense of past events and recognise behaviours which are problematic and work on these. Dave has attended all case reviews and his contribution as always been valued and respected due to his considered and highly professional approach to matters raised.
I have therefore no hesitation in offering this testimony"
(Senior practitioner - Looked After/Leaving Care Team, Oxfordshire County Council)

"In the 3 years that Dave has been working with my staff team and the young people in our care he has shown the ability to engage with young people who previously have failed to engage with their support workers or therapist.
Dave has the ability to develop new approaches in his holistic work with young people and the plans of work are very individual and person centred. He is also able to engage young people in group work in the form of drama workshops which were very successful.
Throughout his time working with the young people in the our home he had supported the young people to take a positive approach to their future, to see that they can turn their lives around and move forward to independence and over successfully in the community.
Another of Dave's strengths is his ability to engage with the young people's families, to support them to get on board with the treatment programme and learn and understand how they can support their son in returning home or to live independently. the family work has been very successful throughout the time Dave has worked with young people.
With reference to the development and training of the staff team in creating a therapeutic environment for the young people to live in Dave has provided for my staff team regular training, guidance and supervision."
(Registered manager - residential children's home)

"It is good to see what can be achieved with young people when the time and funding is available to them, you have worked so well to work through some very personal issues and this has prepared this young person for adulthood"
(Social Worker - Doncaster)

"Dave Angier-Brown has been an independent social worker/school counsellor for 5 years. He is employed by Northgate School Arts College (NSAC) for 2 days per week, working with children aged 11-18 years. Within our school, we have many online issues, sexting, posting images, bullying, and group chat. Our students are extremely vulnerable and all have special educational needs and Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP).
Dave is an integral member of our school. He works with many of our pupils covering a range of topics; life story, sex and relationships, attachment, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), online safety to name a few. He has a fantastic relationship with pupils, parents, carers and professionals. He is approachable, well informed and always keen to complete any training that would be relevant for our pupils. Dave is hard working, reliable and goes above and beyond for the pupils in our school."
(Head Teacher NSAC)

"I have worked with Dave for over 18 months; Dave has built up authentic and genuine relationships with the young people I look after. Dave has been professional and supported my team to understand the needs of the young people we support. He has offered advice and guidance on the best way to do this. Dave has written sound assessments, which have shaped the way we respond to young people when in crisis, and reducing their risk level.
Dave has not only worked with the young people, myself and my team, he has worked with families and we are currently going through a successful transition where one of the young people will return back to his family home, Dave has played a vital role in this.
I would highly recommend Dave, Dave has gone above and beyond and acted as an advocate on many occasions to ensure the young people receive the best possible outcomes and support. "
(Registered Home Manager – Private Children’s Care and Educational organisation)

"Dave has been part of our clinical team for the last 24 months; he has supported and worked with some difficult young people through a tough transitional period of change, during this period he has also supported the care/educational staff within the homes and school. Dave has played a prominent role in developing our work with the families of our young people in re-establishing relationship where appropriate."
Lead Psychologist – Oracle Care and Education

"My work with Dave has been hugely appreciated because he has re- United me with my birth mum.
I could not have asked for a better Therapist, and a friend as such Thank you Dave"
(Young person 17 years of age who is looked after and in a residential placement)

"I think that my experience of working with Dave has changed my life in a positive way.
When I am in a session with Dave I feel comfortable and able to speak openly and honestly and this I could not do before.
The work has included talking about both good and bad experiences that I have had in my life and he has helped me resolve some issues that I have had."
(Young person aged 15 years of age who is looked after and in a residential placement)

"Talking with Dave has helped me to stop hurting myself"
(Young person aged 14 years of age who is looked after and in a residential placement)

"Dave has seen me through a really difficult time but now I see that it was good because now I have been able to spend Christmas with my family for the first time in 7 years, and there are plans now for me to have more time with them in the future."
(Young person in care aged 14 years)

"Dave was really helpful when I was feeling depressed, sad and angry. He listened to everything I had to say and gave me good advice, which helped me in my emotional life. He has been wonderful"
(16 year old female student)

"I was getting myself into trouble at school and with boys. I used to be very sad and lonely at home but Dave has worked with my dad and me and things are much better at home now. Thank you Dave"
(16 year old female student)

"I used to get into serious trouble with my behaviour, both at my foster carer’s and at school. I was really challenging at school and would not want to do my work, I would wander around school misbehaving and interrupting other students. At home, I would not do as I was told; I was not very nice to everyone. Dave has helped sort myself out a bit and even though I have been horrible, he is still working with me to help me through my exams and re-building my relationship with my family."
(15 year old male in foster care)

"Dave has seen me through a very difficult part of my life, I have done things that were not right, but I have been able through the work with Dave to see why I have behaved in this way and what can be achieved to improve my life for the future. Now Dave is now supporting me during my transition period between living in residential care on a full care to living independently, thank you Dave for your support."
(17 year old male – full-care order)

"I was very confused about what had happened to me when I was younger and why I had been taken into care away from my family. Dave worked with me to prepare me for Life Story Work, I was concerned about finding out things that might be hurtful to me or stuff that I just did not know about. Dave was great, he worked at my pace so that I could understand the things he had found out, he also made sure that there was someone I could talk too in between our sessions, someone who I trusted as much as Dave! I have been working with Dave for 18 months now on various problems that I have had including anger management, life story work, relationship work, sex education and relationships. I am now preparing to leave care and I now feel ready to move-on. Thank you Dave for all of your help and support."
(17 year old male – full-care order)

"When we first came here it was good to be made welcome, Dave sat and discussed with us the work he was going to do with our boys and he had an understanding of our concerns and we were not judged or feel shamed......We have really appreciated all that you have done for our son/ grandson, he would not have been able to progress so well without your help, he has new found confidence which is so good to see."
(Parents 2 x children placed into care)

"I do not know how we would have coped with all of the different procedures and web of professionals that got involved with our son, let alone the work that Alternative Directions provided for our son to help him and us through a very difficult time"
(Father of a 16 year old boy)

"We were so impressed with the work commitment shown by Mandi from Alternative Directions who assessed and supported us in the identified work our twins"
(Parents subject to a PAMS 4.0 Assessment)